My name is Tomasz Kubicki. I am a graduate in historical studies of the University Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw, and actually, I’m working on my doctoral dissertation. I specialised in World War II and in all the details that concern JEWISH and POLISH NATIONS during the last century.

I also cooperate with one of the oldest historical publishing houses in Poland – Bellona, where my book – Pod obuchem zagłady (In the flames of destruction) was published. In the book, I revealed the results of my surveys in the national archives. What – and to what extent – did the press of the Polish underground state transfer to public opinion information about the plight of Jews in General Government.

In my second book – Getto warszawskie 1943 (Warsaw ghetto 1943) I grapple with the attitude of Poles toward the Jewish uprising in Warsaw in 1943. I also portray the wide panorama of this thrilling, real story written by a small group of activists who one day decided to throw off the chains of captivity.

I was also responsible for the scientific proofreading of Martin Winstone’s book – The Holocaust Sites of Europe, which will soon be available in Polish.

Themes such as Warsaw and Cracow history, ten centuries of Jewish legacy in Polish lands, German occupation of Poland, Warsaw uprising 43 and 44, and the like are of particular importance to me.

On my website, you will find six different tours of Jewish Warsaw. The differences between these six tours lie in the content. So, if you have never been to Warsaw before, I recommend the Expanded or Standard tour.