Strolling in the shade of the trees, through the narrow paths of this “house of eternity” – Jewish Warsaw cemetery, an area of about 33 ha, you need to take a step back and discover the real Jewish heritage which is invisible outside the walls. This place has special meaning as a sentry of the past, almost 150 000 (before 1939) tombstones have survived until today, a quarter of a million individual stories. Approx. 100 000 ghetto inhabitants were also buried here during the occupation. If we can’t touch the material traces of Jewish Warsaw in greater amounts in the city, then this is a unique place which gives us a chance to do this in a different way. Here, there are traditional vertical plates – matzevas, decorated with ornaments and motifs, full of wealth, covered with Hebrew epitaphs of beautiful typography. There are also magnificent original tombs and mausoleums. In this cemetery lie people who had a share in the development of the country in many fields of life and contributed to the welfare of Jewish society. Walking along these paths, we should stay for a moment by these monuments to several generations of creators of industry and trade in Poland: Epsteins, Toeplitzes, Bersohns, Wawelbergs, and Natansons.


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Among the graves, we find both the most outstanding figures of the Jewish community and those who are unknown.