The people’s lives were once dynamic, charming and full of contrasts. The streets and alleyways, courtyards, tenement houses were almost always filled with hubbub. All their colofull and multi-layered world one day eradicated. You can only find very few inscriptions and traces of the pre-war Jewish Warsaw.

The most amazing place as a “guardian of the heritage” is the unique Jewish Cemetery. Strolling beside the trees, the simple and sublime gravestones and mausoleums are visible in the shadows. Moreover, some of the tenement houses where the Jews had once lived also survive, at Próżna Street for example.  Only one out of 400 pre-war houses of prayer and synagogues is active, Nożyk Synagogue. Several monuments and remnants which pay tribute to the victims of the Ghetto and Shoah, maybe 50 places, our 50 stopping points, not too many, but also not too little to tell the story.


Duration – 7 hours

Language: English

Additional materials: maps, images, photos of old places, statistics, books, tabels with the structure of Jewish institutions between 1939-1943, a list of insurgents from the Uprising of 1943.

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During this Jewish Warsaw tour, you enter the invisible world of Jewish Warsaw. You stroll along the preserved traces of the past, once the famous Jewish streets where lived cobblers, crafters, tailors, merchants, bankers, lawyers, doctors, philanthropists, and where distilleries, breweries, chemists, and textile factories worked full blast.

You go through the ghetto and touch the wall’s remains, a few tenement houses. You get to know the individual stories of victims and survivors. The visit to the unique Jewish Cemetery shows you the scale of what was lost. Muranów, once the very heart of Jewish Warsaw, with monuments commemorating fighters and outstanding people, tells you its own story. The Warsaw Old Town, Wąski Dunaj Street, Market Square, New Town, Nalewki Street, Bonifraterska Street, and others historical sites, let us to better comprehend how Jewish life looked.

As a historian, I provide you with the entire panorama of Jewish presence in the city and a series of unique pieces of information to highlight past living conditions, earnings, expenditure, professions, mutual relations, tensions, and a greater view of the interwar period.


During this tour, I provide an entire and very compact view of Jewish Warsaw. Tour content comprises elements from the Jewish Cemetery Tour, Uprising 1943 Tour, and the Ghetto Tour.

I am quite sure this Jewish Warsaw expanded tour will not only enrich your knowledge but it will also be a deep and sentimental, emotional experience.

During this Jewish Warsaw tour, we usually use an enormous amount of materials such as maps, films, and books!