Jews arrived in Warsaw one day at the beginning of the XV century, and one day after the pogroms were not allowed to stay there any longer. The long period of Warsaw’s Jewish peregrination had begun. Many periods, events, experiences, aspirations, and disappointments, times of fighting and peace, but it was worth it to be patient and persistent. Warsaw opened its gates to Jews and they also received constitutional rights. It was estimated that just before war broke out, over 380.000 people of Jewish origin lived in Warsaw – the second largest population in the world. During this Jewish Warsaw tour, you will enter the invisible world of Jewish Warsaw. We will take a stroll along the preserved traces of the past.


Duration – 5 hours

Language: English

Additional materials: maps, images, photos of old places.

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We start our sightseeing from the Nożyk Synagogue – now the only survivor of the war of 400 synagogues and houses of prayer. After this, we stroll around Grzybowski Square, where there was once a marketplace and some of the buildings are still a reminder of the Jewish merchants and crafters.  This place, Próżna Street, introduces us to XX century history and September 1939, when the city was besieged. Next, we go through a few fragile remnants from the occupation, remains of the ghetto wall, where we are confronted with the period 1939 – 1941. Contrary to these grim realities, we also see a “Children’s Hospital”, a few tenements which survived, and streets where once breweries, distilleries, shops, stores, and factories were functioning. So Śliska and Żelazna Street show us the vitality of the past. Then, remembering we are still in Small Ghetto, we come to Waliców Street with its ruins of a Jewish tenement house, and Krochmalana Street. In this atmosphere of old streets and crumbling buildings, the famous Jewish writers, poets – Signer, Kacenelson, and Perec – speak to us. Chłodna Street is such a crucial street – a wooden footbridge installed here by the Germans became a symbol of the suffering of the Jews – which introduces us to 1942. After viewing a few buildings connected with the period of the occupation, we are directed towards a truly unique place, the Jewish Cemetery at Okopowa Street, where we visit several graves. The next place gives us a chance to contemplate the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto; The Umschlagplatz was a place from where the Jews were deported in cattle waggons to the Treblinka extermination camp. Now, the monument commemorates these 300 000 victims. After this, we stop beside the “bunker” headquarters of the Jewish Combat Organisation at Miła 18. On 8 may 1943, General Stroop, after a long search, discovered the location of this bunker. Anielewicz, Commander of the Jewish Uprising in 1943, and other militants committed suicide as had their ancestors nineteen centuries before in Massada. Muranów, once the very heart of Jewish Warsaw, is the last place on our tour. Several stones and monuments here bring back the story of the past and the Museum of the history of Polish Jews is also located here.


I provide you with the panorama of Jewish presence in the city, the ghetto period and a series of information to highlight past living conditions, earnings, expenditure, professions, mutual relations, tensions, and a larger view of the ghetto period.

Please be aware that in 5 hours we are unable to visit all the most significant places of Jewish Warsaw.

This is why I have prepared a Jewish Warsaw Expanded Tour. The problem is not what to show and describe, but rather what not to show and not to narrate. Therefore, for the Jewish Warsaw Standard Tour, I selected significant points to create, within our limited time, a compact, moving, and sentimental story.

I am quite sure this Jewish Warsaw standard tour will enrich your knowledge and maybe next time you will pick one of my specialised Warsaw Jewish Tours!