When I think about the Warsaw Ghetto, my imagination draws a grim picture, as if I stepped back into the barbaric Middle Ages. Never-ending questions still pulsate in irregular rhythm: how was it possible in the twentieth century to perpetrate such inhumane “solutions”.

The few fragile remnants tell almost nothing about individual stories of victims, but simultaneously, they testify to the gigantic scale of destruction. Segregation, concentration, creation of the ghetto area, intimidation, expropriations, starvation, executions, and almost total annihilation. I truly believe that no one could disentangle what awaited them. This is a sentimental, emotional tour to confront what was there and why this colourful world – microcosm disappeared.


Duration – 5 hours

Language: English

Additional materials: maps, images, photos of old places, statistics, books, tabels with the structure of Jewish institutions between 1939-1943, a list of insurgents from the Uprising of 1943.

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During this tour, we use materials of different origin. The most basic are maps depicting the ghetto borders, institutions, offices, commerce, social care, social life, and uprising. To comprehend the functioning of the ghetto more deeply, we reconstruct in parallel both German and Jewish institutions. The structure of RSHA (Reich Security Main office) was under the control of Reinhard Heydrich, but in conquered territories, the Germans appointed branches on the model of the headquarters in Berlin. In Warsaw, the office of the Commander of SIPO (secret security) and SD (security service), Ludwig Hann, was located at Avenue Szucha. We start our tour from this point. The IVb4 section was set up to invigilate and keep Jews in an iron grip.  I also show you the structure of the German civil administration which controlled the ghetto. It’s amazing to hear about war criminals who contributed to the enslavement of innocent people and somehow managed to avoid punishment after the war. On the other hand, we have to understand the nature of Judenrat – the Jewish administrative agency imposed by the Germans, which consisted of 26 departments and employed up to 8000 people. This historical background allows us to see how the machinery of terror was built. 


The content of this Warsaw Ghetto Tour is based on the period 1939 – 1943. I provide you with the panorama of how the ghetto was functioning as an organism controlled by the occupiers. During this tour, I provide an entire and very compact view of the Warsaw Ghetto.

I am quite sure this Jewish Warsaw Ghetto tour will not only enrich your knowledge but will also allow you to imagine the reality of Jewish people “on the verge of genocide” and when their worst dreams and apprehensions one day came into force.